What can essential oils do for you? 

Whether you are suffering from depression or in constant pain, essential oils can help with what ails you and more…  Much more.

Healthcare around the world is a huge industry.  Over $4.5 TRILLION is spent on healthcare every year.  Yet, with all that money spent, we are still very unhealthy (generally speaking).

One of the reasons often cited is that modern medicine is designed to manage the symptoms/problems, and not necessarily to fix the problem.

That may or may not be true, but I will tell you a little from my experience…

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2004, prescribed a lot of medications, and told I was to forever suffer with constant pain.  While taking the medication over the next 6 years, I gained a lot of weight and developed other conditions, like reflux.

In January of 2010, after discussions with my doctor, I decided to stop taking all medications.  At first, it was rough as my body adjusted to not having the medication, but after a few weeks I felt the same as I did when I was on medication (if not a little better).

So, what good were the various medications doing for me when I felt the same without it?  They were absolutely of no benefit to me.

Modern medicine is made up of synthetic compounds that, more often than not, come with some serious and potentially dangerous side-effects.

Essential oils, being organic compounds derived from plants, are easily absorbed by the body to help affect, revitalize, and repair down to the cellular level; and they do so without any side-effects at all.

Let me be clear about one thing before I continue - I am not advocating that you totally disregard modern medicine and only use oils for everything that ails you.  If you are currently taking prescription medication for any health issue, you will need to decide WITH your doctor on how they are helping you and how essential oils can compliment your existing health regimen.

Also, these oils will not prevent, treat, or cure anything.  A healthy lifestyle helps to PREVENT illnesses, doctors help to TREAT symptoms and fix broken things, and your body HEALS and CURES itself.  These oils can certainly assist your body in the process of healing itself.

In January 2011, my wife introduced me to an essential oil-based nutritional supplement.  At first I was skeptical, but in time I noticed that I was feeling much better and had more energy – a lot better than I ever felt while taking the myriad of medications for Fibromyalgia.

At my latest appointment with the Rheumatologist, he noted that he can no longer see any signs of inflammation in my joints and told me that I only need to see him once a year to follow-up.

And that is just one personal example of how effective these oils have been in my life.  And I am not alone; I know of several other people who have had even more dramatic experiences using oils.

Take control of your healthcare and your life

Over the last couple of years, my family and I have learned (are still learning) how to use what nature has given us to help us take control of our health.  They can help you too.

And that is the mission of doESSENTIALS and this site:  to share the health benefits of essential oils to all; to teach everyone how to effectively manage their own healthcare and the healthcare of their families.

Please, take time to search this site and enjoy learning more about these amazing oils and what they can do for you and your family.

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